Codento is a reliable partner, who with constant dialogue ensures that you software project finishes in time and with the agreed scope. When needed, we can also provide top-of-the-league usability, performance and scalability.


With good architecture, you will ensure the production compatibility of your new software. In the case of adjusting existing software to a new need, architecture is even more crucial.
Software development

Software development

When adopting new technologies, it is vital to also consider methodology and procedures. Codento excels in providing solutions for the customer business objectives, not only for the IT tool box.

Quality is the core of Codento software projects. We want to ensure first-class software in customer projects by using tools that are spot on, no matter if they are new or thoroughly tested.

Our native working environment is agile, but we believe in planning. It is important that the customer can predict the project outcome and the use of resources. The key to success is functional communication between the client and the supplier.

Codento development process



Codento has dozens of satisfied clients, in whose business
operations customized software or software products play
a crucial role. Here’s a pick from our constantly growing list.


Eucalyptus is a leading platform for private and hybrid clouds that brings disparate virtual environments together to form a single, manageable entity.

  • Makes operation more efficient—new services are up in only minutes
  • A number of applications can be run in the same Eucalyptus cloud without fear of them affecting each other
  • Codento designs and implements Eucalyptus solutions for its customers

Amazon is the world’s leading supplier of public cloud services.

  • Server centers in Europe, the US and Asia
  • Amazon offers a wide range of services to speed up the development of new, reliable services
  • Well designed Amazon services scale up to respond to queries by millions of customers if necessary
  • A partner of Amazon, Codento participates in system consultation, architecture and software development


Petri Aukia

• CEO, sales, enterprises
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Tommi Ullgrén

• Sales, public sector
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Karoliina Luoto

• Marketing
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Teemu Kalvas

• Controller
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Codento’s headquarters are in
Kaisaniemi, right upstairs from Kaisaniemi metro station and 200 meters from Helsinki Central railway station. Therefore, there is practically an unlimited selection of public transportation options.

If you are using your own car, we recommend parking in the Kluuvi parking hall and then following signs "Casino" and "Kaisaniemenkatu".

When you reach Vuorikatu 14, you can find Codento buzzer signs both at the A and B door.


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